Australian Natives

Our commercially viable native flowers are grown in the southern and western states of Australia. In fact, 90 per cent of our native products come from a well-established South Australian farm, with whom we’ve had a strong partnership for many years. We select only the finest flowers for our customers, keeping track of their availability according to consumer demand and the seasons.

Flower Availability

Banksia Coccinea

Jul – Nov

Blushing Bride

Jul – Dec


May – Sep

Kangaroo Paw

Aug – Sep


Aug – Dec

Protea Kings

Sep – Mar


Jan – Sep


Mar – Aug

Tetra Nuts

Jan – May


Sep – Nov

Wax Flower

Jul – Nov

Choosing the Best Native Flowers

Most of our line of single-headed flowers are packed and sold as individual stems. We also sell Leucadendron and Safari sunsets, which go well for any occasion. Feel free to browse through our selection of native products and choose the one that’s best for your need.

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